Thread subject: :: Psilidae - Loxocera hoffmannseggi?

Posted by Sundew on 04-09-2023 00:51

Some days ago I saw a male Loxocera moving quickly in a bush of stinging nettles. I got just one relatively good picture from behind, so species identification is hardly possible with the keys asking for face colour etc. However, though the head is not in focus, I think I see the peculiar antenna of L. hoffmannseggi with the more or less equally long segments and the arista implanted in the middle of the third. Even "arista white with yellow base" is visible. However, the scutellum should not be yellow! I have no idea how variable the body colours might be, so I would like to ask for comments by the more experienced community.
The location is southwestern Germany, about 25 km west of Stuttgart.
Thanks in advance,