Thread subject: :: Sphaerophoria taeniata?

Posted by Juergen Peters on 16-08-2023 18:12

Hello John,

Hurlzzz wrote:
Of course Sphaerophoria females are mostly impossible to tell apart.
I was just wondering if the complete separation of the black bands on my one was significant?

the colouration and markings are very variable. That does not help in identifying.

I have never seen a Sphaerophoria male in the wild.

Really? That's nearly unimaginable for me.

Do you have any tips for where or when to find them?

Sorry, the conditions here seem to be very different from those in Ireland. They (males and females) are really ubiquitous here from March to October. Sphaerophoria scripta is one of the most numerous hover flies here in Germany. Actually I find hundreds of them every day.