Thread subject: :: Sphaerophoria taeniata?

Posted by Hurlzzz on 15-08-2023 09:53

Can anyone help me identify this hoverfly I photographed on the Savoy Cabbages (probably not a food plant!) in my garden in Ireland (03/09/2021)?
It has wasp-like colourings but has a long (10-12mm) slender body which tapers gently, almost to a point.
(I guess this, along with the gap between the eyes, means it's a female.)

Yellow legs and palps. Longitudinal striping on the bronze-coloured thorax.
Seen from the side (I have other photos) the body is quite thin and flat and has tiny yellow hairs on the scutellum.

The first 4 tergites have simple black bands but then towards the rear it changes to a complex combination of clubs and dots.
The yellow bands are quit separate with no axial connection between them.

Having looked at some other sites, it looks to me like Sphaerophoria taeniata.
Unfortunately, I am told this species is not present in Ireland but yellow hairs on the scutellum would indicate S. taeniata (rather than S. batava)

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