Thread subject: :: Meaning of scientific names - Calliphoridae and Muscidae

Posted by Johane on 07-08-2023 22:19

Hi, I wonder about the meaning of some species epithets in Calliphoridae and Muscidae

1. Calliphora genarum (Zetterstedt, 1838). Is it simply genitive plural of gena=cheek?
2. Bellardia bayeri (Jacentkovsk√Ĺ, 1937). Named after a person, I assume?
3. Neomyia cornicina (Fabricius, 1781)

Thanks in advance for your help!

Posted by Tony Irwin on 08-08-2023 08:36

cornicina is the Latin for "horn-blower", and I assume this refers to the flies' association with cattle.

Posted by Jan Maca on 08-08-2023 08:59

To Bellardia bayeri - apparently it was named after Emil Bayer, Professor of the University of Agriculture, Brno, a renowned phytopathologist and entomologist and also founder of the external subdivision of this university in Lednice, Moravia. About the time of the description Dimitriy Jacentkovsky worked for this subdivision in Lednice.
The relation the names C. genarum to gena (cheek) and N. cornicina to cornix (crow) seems probable, but it is difficult to find more clear explanation.

Posted by Jan Maca on 08-08-2023 09:09

After reading the note of Tony Irwn, I agree that comparison of buzzing fly to a horn-blower might be the reason for the name cornicina.

Posted by Johane on 09-08-2023 11:01

Thanks a lot!