Thread subject: :: perhaps Sepsidae from a caw pad

Posted by mwkozlowski on 05-08-2023 09:20

Central Poland, July this year. Quite small, any chance fot id?

Posted by mwkozlowski on 05-08-2023 10:05

Just tearned fom a comprehensive pdf book

that this should be Copromyza sp. from Sphaeroceridae

Posted by John Carr on 05-08-2023 10:18

Not Sphaeroceridae. Possibly Saltella.

Posted by daveb21 on 05-08-2023 10:19

Morning, this in not Sphaeroceridae, the basitarsis on the hind leg would be short and wide in that Family.

Posted by Paul Beuk on 09-08-2023 15:17

John Carr wrote:
Not Sphaeroceridae. Possibly Saltella.
Yes, S. sphondylii