Thread subject: :: Eupeodes corollae, Episyrphus balteatus << Episyrphus balteatus, E. corollae, E. latifasciatus

Posted by BartNap on 16-07-2023 13:08

07.2023, west Poland

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Posted by JWV on 16-07-2023 14:18


There are multiple species in your photo. I think I can recognise three species, Episyrphus balteatus, Eupeodes corollae and E. latifasciatus.

Best, Jonne

Posted by BartNap on 17-07-2023 14:16

Thank you Jonne! Would you mind telling me which one is whcih, please?

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Posted by Sundew on 21-07-2023 14:49

Episyrphus balteatus ist the one more orange looking specimen in the front. The three other males might all well be Eupeodes corollae, at least the ones in the background and on the right hand side are. The left male has a a yellow band of connected spots on tergite 3 (and 4), but E. corollae males can have that, too. To make sure that it is really E. latifasciatus, we must find out if those yellow bands are fully separated from the tergite side margins by a narrow black strip (see https://www.flick...787790503/). That is impossible to decide from your photo. So I would say cautiously that you have only two different species here.
Regards, Sundew

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Posted by BartNap on 25-07-2023 08:52

thank you a lot for the clarification, Sundew! :)