Thread subject: :: Tephritidae: Campiglossa (Dioxyna) cf. sororcula

Posted by ESant on 13-05-2023 19:14


I photographed this fly in the Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania, 1700m a.s.l. on February 19th 2023. I think it's a Tephritidae, but is ti possible to identify its genus or species from these photos?

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Posted by ESant on 13-05-2023 19:15

Photo 2:

Posted by ESant on 28-08-2023 19:18

I found it on a Bidens sp., and I'm assuming this is its host plant. However, since I'm not completely sure of its identification I'm also adding a photo of it for eventual comments/corrections.

Posted by Nosferatumyia on 28-08-2023 23:24

A Campiglossa (Dioxyna) so,m very possibly, sororcula Wd. on Bidens

Posted by ESant on 29-08-2023 01:43

Thank you very much!