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Posted by APaupe on 09-02-2023 16:22

Hello everyone!

I am currently working on a research study conducted in the Center of France on the Diptera dwelling in oak canopies.

The general objective of this study is to assess the impact of forest decline on canopy insect communities, and to get an overview of the entomological diversity in oak canopies, with a focus on beetles. However, the traps also caught many other taxa, that’s why we also did an inventory of the families of Diptera collected. Insects were sampled in 2021 with green multi-funnel traps (60 traps), hanged in oak canopies (approx. 10 to 15 m high), in six forests.
We have identified at the family level approx. 28,000 specimens (60 families in total).

We are looking for specialists who would like to collaborate on the project, identify some taxa in more detail, and contribute to a common publication on the Diptera of oak canopies.

I have attached a table that summarises the families collected and the number of specimens per family.

We have also tried to provide an overview of the main biological traits of Diptera families so that they can be grouped into functional groups.
It is a bit of an approximation for families with a very variable lifestyle, but still it can be useful for our analysis. If you have any advice to improve this document, do not hesitate to share !

Thank you very much !

Anastasia Paupe
M1 internship student supervised by Aurélien Sallé
LBLGC Laboratory
University of Orléans, France