Thread subject: :: Phoridae - maybe impossible?

Posted by Steve Scholnick on 08-02-2023 01:03

Hi Krister,
You're welcome. I think the lack of setae on the tibiae suggests that your fly belongs in subfamily Metopininae rather than Phorinae. Rs is forked (links to some diagrams from Drawwing below)

RS not forked (=R4+5 present but not R2+3) http://www.drawwi...icera-wing
RS forked (=both R2+3 and R4+5 present) http://www.drawwi...nipes-wing

Another feature that might help someone more knowledgeable than me get you a genus ID would be the presence or absence of a "hair seam" on the hind tibiae. There might be a hair seam on your specimen but I can't really tell from your photo

Triphleba: no hair seam https://bugguide....ew/2213688

Stichillus: two dorsal hair seams on each hind tibia https://bugguide....ew/1618327/

With luck, one of the experts will be able to take this further