Thread subject: :: Phaonia subventa ♀ (confirmed)

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The fly came to my desk. (Spain: Girona: Beuda: 400 masl, 3.2.2023)

[Gregor et al 2002]: From Phaonia
Posterodorsal seta in distal third of hind tibia well developed.
Prosternum bare.
Radial node bare [assumed, not observed]
Scutellum at least apically yellow or reddish.
Abdomen at least partly translucent yellow.
Fore tibia with posterior seta.
Longest aristal hairs at most 2/3 as long as diameter of flagellomere.
Mid tibia with 2 posterior setae Aristal hairs not longer than half width of flagellomere.
Phaonia subventa

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