Thread subject: :: Most probably Lucilia sericata female by EE.

Posted by Jim Senn on 01-12-2022 18:09

2022-04-27, Badem, RLP, DE; cf Lucilia caesar in my garden for ID help. I seem to have no clue with Lucilia Species.

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Posted by eklans on 01-12-2022 19:25

Hi, pale basicosta, 3 acr post and each fronto-orbital plate less than half the width of frontal vitta: most probably L. sericata female.

From: Blow Flies by Olga Sivell - highly recommended for Calliphoridae, Polleniidae, Rhiniidae and affordable, I think.

Posted by Jim Senn on 02-12-2022 12:20

Thanks for your help & the reference book suggestion, I'll order it today.