Thread subject: :: Polyporivora polypori

Posted by Duncan Cooke on 28-11-2022 15:41

Found in South Cumbria, 10/6/2022. Looked up Polyporivora polypori records on iRecord and the are only 79 records, (8 accepted as correct), in the UK. Is this an uncommon species, or just under recorded ? I will iRecord if confirmed as Polyporivora polypori.

Posted by eklans on 28-11-2022 16:55

Hi Duncan, I think it's a female Polyporivora ornata:

Polyporivora polypori seems to be a nearctic species.

(you chose the wrong forum Asiliidae...)

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Posted by Duncan Cooke on 28-11-2022 17:19

Thanks Eric, will iRecord as Polyporivora ornata, female.