Thread subject: :: Chloropidae spec. - Malaysia

Posted by hedy2411 on 25-11-2022 22:54

Can this fly be named…?
Found 31-5-2014 in Penang, Malaysia

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Posted by John Carr on 26-11-2022 01:14


Posted by Nikita Vikhrev on 26-11-2022 09:22

or Chyromyidae?

Posted by John Carr on 26-11-2022 12:46

Nikita Vikhrev wrote:
or Chyromyidae?

Chyromyidae is my second choice. The wing veins and bristles are not clear enough.

Posted by hedy2411 on 26-11-2022 15:15

I'm sorry, but I have only this photo...
Thank you for your reactions John and Nikita!