Thread subject: :: Chloropidae of Normandy 02 (male).Which species?

Posted by von Tschirnhaus on 17-11-2022 19:39

Chloropidae, Oscinellinae: Gaurax Loew, 1863 spec. or G. ? suecicus. Typical characters for the Palaearctic Gaurax species: Third antennal segment much shorter than deep; the basal radial cell br , (= first basal cell, = anterior basal cell), closed distally by the r-m crossveina, is distinctly widened; at the junction of R2+3 with R3+4 those two veins in this photo start with a certain thickening. One day we will identify the peculiar species [which could be G. suecicus Nartshuk & Andersson, 2013] comparing the male genitalia. Please post a photo of the epandrium [treated also as "hypopygium", the capsule for the male genitalia] in left lateral view. Collect more of this species, which -if being suecicus- is only known as the holotype!

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