Thread subject: :: Tephritis sp. Sweden

Posted by Johane on 15-11-2022 21:24

Hi, can this Tephritis be identified?
Collected in NW Sweden in June 2019.

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Posted by Johane on 15-11-2022 21:26


Posted by Ben Hamers on 16-11-2022 11:47

Campiglossa sp.


Posted by Nosferatumyia on 16-11-2022 13:59

Looks like Campiglossa solidaginis White, but the colour of notopleurals is not visible. Anyway, something very rare and interesting.

Posted by Johane on 16-11-2022 17:23

Thanks for your help Ben and Val,

The posterior notopleural is white. I come to Campiglossa loewiana with White's key to British Tephritidae. But we have some more species in Sweden that are not included in that key.