Thread subject: :: Anthomyiidae fly - Holland

Posted by hedy2411 on 22-10-2022 13:27

Can this fly be named...
Found yesterday in Zeist, Holland

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Posted by Jan Maca on 22-10-2022 15:08

Seems to be Minettia lupulina.

Posted by Tony Irwin on 22-10-2022 18:46

Wrong shape and legs much too bristly for Minettia. I would say this is an anthomyiid.

Posted by Zeegers on 22-10-2022 19:28

My idea as well


Posted by Jan Maca on 23-10-2022 12:33

A silly reply: Minettia that forgot to shave her legs :-)
Yes, I agree with Anthomyiidae.

Posted by hedy2411 on 24-10-2022 10:54

Jan, Tony and Theo, thank you for your reactions! :)