Thread subject: :: Male of Culicidae - ID? --> Aedes (Dahliani) geniculatus, ♂

Posted by kuv on 18-09-2022 17:01

Northern Germany, Schleswig-Holstein, Bellin (Selenter See), little pond between fields, bordered by old oaks, many bushes and low vegetation, at Rubus, 22th of May 2022, (Photos: kuv).
Hallo, please help to get the ID.
Greetings Kuv

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Posted by kuv on 18-09-2022 17:02

2nd picture:

Posted by eklans on 18-09-2022 18:27

Hi Kuv, I think it's a male Aedes (Dahliani) geniculatus.
(Stickmyggor i Nordeuropa, Lindström, Eklöf)

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Posted by kuv on 18-09-2022 21:04

Thank you very much Eric :).
Greetings Kuv