Thread subject: :: Brachycera ID => Sarcophagidae: cf. Nyctia lugubris

Posted by ESant on 26-08-2022 16:54


I photographed this fly in Silvi Marina (TE), Italy, on June 21st 2022. I'm not sure of the family it might belong to. Could you help me to identify its genus or species from these photos?

Thank you in advance,

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Posted by ESant on 26-08-2022 16:54

Photo 2:

Posted by Roger Thomason on 26-08-2022 21:50

Nyctia halterata ; Sarcophagidae I think...

Posted by eklans on 27-08-2022 09:21

Nyctia halterata shouldn't have a petiole on R4+5 and is darker - I think it could be N. lugubris?

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Posted by ESant on 28-08-2022 12:51

Thank you both very much!

Posted by eklans on 28-08-2022 15:01

An addendum: the Mediterranean halterata could have a small petiole, too, but the female's thorax should be black. And Fauna Europaea shows this fly only for Sicilia...

Posted by Zeegers on 28-08-2022 17:05

Nyctia is a bit of a mess, Verves described new species based on male genitalia which are solid …

but this is a female.

Length of petiole is very variable in halterata, but I agree this is pretty extreme ..

in any case, find the males !!


Posted by Zeegers on 29-08-2022 09:14

"Verves" read "Lehrer (2005)"