Thread subject: :: Dolichopodidae: yellow Neurigona

Posted by Sundew on 01-08-2022 03:25

Yesterday I photographed a small Neurigona drinking. Unfortunately, it allowed only for 2 pictures. With Igor's key https://diptera.i...Europe.pdf I get to N. erichsoni/quadrifasciata/pallida. The latter is off the table because the abdomen has transverse bands. But I have never seen a N. quadrifasciata with such a uniformly yellow thorax. I do not know N. erichsoni, which could also occur in our region.
Can a species be deduced from these pictures? I would be very grateful for any advice! The location of the find was a damp forest path in the foothills of the Black Forest (south-west Germany).
Thanks in advance, Sundew

Posted by Igor Grichanov on 01-08-2022 08:34

I'd say Neurigona erichsoni - wing veins 3 and 4 stronger convergent, than those in other species.

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Posted by Sundew on 01-08-2022 22:36

If you didn't know, dear Igor, who then would? Your experience is irreplaceable. Thank you very much, I am delighted to learn a new species.