Thread subject: :: About co-work on Moth flies (Psychodidae) and No-see-ums (Ceratopogonidae)

Posted by AfroBrazilian on 24-07-2022 14:22

Hello! My name is Aleksandrs Balodis from Latvia, I`m LEB (Latvian Entomological society) member. My interests are bugs, beetles and mosquitoes/midges. I have an idea to research Latvian midge fauna, especially from Psychodidae and Ceratopogonidae dipterans. I have no equipments to research specimens, so I would like to co work with specialist on tose dipetrans families.

Diptera fauna of Latvia is poorly known. So it would be so good if some who could help in reaserch and take a part on check-list addition. If somewho can help, plese read me here or on my e-mail to speak about detales.

Best regards,
Aleksandrs Balodis

Posted by weia on 24-07-2022 14:46

Ask Gunnar Kvifte!

Posted by AfroBrazilian on 24-07-2022 15:49

Thenks! I wrote him. :)