Thread subject: :: Merodon... equestris? (3 pics)

Posted by Sundew on 21-07-2022 02:58

Such a loop in wing vein R4+5 is typical for Merodon and Eristalis. However, the shape of cell r4+5 is different in Eristalis, and the bumblebee mimic E. intricaria has also a yellow scutellum. So we have to look for Merodon indeed. There are 10 predominantly rare species in Germany, and the legs of most of them are partly pale. M. equestris with completely black legs (including the hairs) is off the table. It is also not M. moenium (formerly thought to be M. avidus). But the other species are unknown to me. The key for France (https://www.resea...ion_detail) covers most of them, but I am not able to find out a species with your three pictures - sorry! So your female will remain Merodon spec.
Regards, Sundew

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