Thread subject: :: Lonchaeidae from Belgium for ID 2022-07-18

Posted by Tetrao on 19-07-2022 15:17

Hi everyone !!!!

I pictured this specimen in my garden on 2022-07-18.

I think it could be a Lonchaeidae ?

Is it possible to ID ?

Thank you for reading, commenting and / or ID this specimen !


Posted by Jan Maca on 19-07-2022 17:16

Looks like Setisquamalonchaea fumosa. Perhaps Iain MacGowan will confirm it. By the way, I prefer using the abovementioned generic name, awaiting (sooner or later) more profound (e. g. molecular) study of Lonchaeinae.

Posted by Iain MacGowan on 19-07-2022 18:39

Yes - I agree with Silba fumosa ...... Iain

Posted by Tetrao on 21-07-2022 16:23

Thank you very much both !!!