Thread subject: :: Dolichopodida, Argyra sp. cf A. diaphana Male

Posted by Ray Perry on 06-07-2022 07:25

Seen in a dense patch of Urtica dioica near the edge of a densely wooded grove. It stood out as a small white patch on the dark green leaves and I was surprised, on closer examination, to find this fly with what seemed to be a white abdomen (first image). As it moved and the lighting changed the banding on its abdomen appeared (2nd & 3rd image) making me think its abdomen was covered in fine shiny hair.
Small +/- 6-7mm
I visit this place daily but only saw it on 27th June 2022.

Flensburg N.Germany @ 54.760596 N 9.422418 E

Many Thanks in advance

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