Thread subject: :: Lonchaea? Or Silba?

Posted by Sundew on 04-07-2022 04:12

Yesterday I saw a small black fly, probably a Lonchaea, on a Salix shrub by a brook. Iain recently identified from my photos a member of the L. chorea species group (https://diptera.i..._id=106466), could this fly also belong to it? The locality is southwest Germany, 20 km west of Stuttgart.
Support is much appreciated! Sundew

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Posted by Sundew on 04-07-2022 04:12

More pics.

Posted by Iain MacGowan on 08-07-2022 09:47

It is difficult - but I would guess that due to this specimen being rather large and broad and with relatively long antennae that it is Silba fumosa

Posted by Sundew on 15-07-2022 19:52

Ah - that's interesting! Here is another fly in better light, feasting on bird droppings. It had some greenish/bluish shine, too. Is Silba more probable in this case?

Posted by Sundew on 15-07-2022 19:54

Two more pictures. These little ones are really difficult to photograph.