Thread subject: :: The Wasp challenge! (Cambs. UK)

Posted by Gman on 03-07-2022 22:06

Hi All

A couple wasps that are driving me to distration. They were both found in Brampton Wood, Cambridgeshire.

Could someone please take a look and see if they are possible to ID?

Thanks. Gareth

Posted by Gman on 03-07-2022 22:06

2nd one

Posted by Sundew on 04-07-2022 04:03

I give No. 2 a try: male Amblyteles armatorius, Ichneumonidae. Here the species is common and can be met on flowering Umbellifers. It should have two spikes on the propodeum (see https://www.bioim...091.htm?13).
No. 1 is also an Ichneumonid, but I do not dare to guess a genus...
Regards, Sundew

Posted by Matzke-Hajek on 04-07-2022 09:56

the first one is probably Ichneumon bucculentus

Posted by Gman on 05-07-2022 22:17

Hi Sundew

I believe your ID is correct. I have read that the pines on the thorax and the wide yellow stripes split by a narrow black stripe are diagnostic.
Whilst I cannot see the spines, the stripes are exactly the same to numberour pictures I have seen.

As far as the locale is concerned. This wasp is recorded in neighbouring counties and I am told likely to under-reported.

Thanks for your help, Gareth

Posted by Gman on 05-07-2022 23:15

Hi Günter

Ichneumon bucculentus is not common at all in the UK but I followed your lead and found a number of likely candidates.

I. albiger

I. suspiciosus -

I. extensorius -

I. confusor -

The hind femur and tibia are "highly enlarged" as per this could indicate I. confusor or I. albiger - It is suggested here that males are indistinguishable -

I think I am stuck with Inchneumon sp. :o

Thanks for your help, Gareth