Thread subject: :: Grey Tachinid with broad frons

Posted by Sundew on 01-07-2022 02:40

Once again I am stuck with a tachinid identification. The interactive Moschweb key http://www.tachin...chweb.aspx did not lead to any genus - I must have put something wrong. The female under concern sat on a stinging nettle on the path between a brook and a maize field yesterday evening. The broad frons made me think of a Goniini member. The crossed scutellar apicals seem to be erect. There is a kind of "median suture" on the tergites that looks strange. And the tarsal segments of the hind legs have short bristles on the lower side, but maybe this is not unusual. I hope the pictures show enough characters to get to a conclusion. The locality is southwestern Germany, 20 km west of Stuttgart.
Help is appreciated! Thanks in advance, Sundew

Posted by Sundew on 01-07-2022 02:41

Lateral pictures.

Posted by Sundew on 01-07-2022 02:41

Some details.

Posted by Zeegers on 01-07-2022 09:06

erect apical scutellar is a big clue. Lydella grisescens.


Posted by Sundew on 01-07-2022 21:01

Ah - now I see it, it's the same like in https://diptera.i...d_id=95364. My memory seems to be slipping...
Thank you for your patience, Theo!