Thread subject: :: Muscid ---> Helina sp. [f]

Posted by eklans on 02-07-2022 10:53

Hi Roger, after agonizing over this fly I have to propositions:
1. if the meron has fine hairs below the posterior spiracle:
- eyes almost bare, apices of femora and both posterior pairs of tibiae reddish yellow:
H. trivittata
2. if radial node bare on both sides:
- at most apices of mid and hind femora yellow
- prealar shorter than p npl, nearly indistinct
- fore tarsomeres not dilated
- scutellum entirely bare underside?
- hind tibia with 1-4 pd in basal half
- 4 post dc
- hind femur with 1 or more pv near apex longer than depth of femur, longest aristal hairs longer than postpedicel width?
- ...scutal stripes narrow & indistinct:
H. setiventris
But in the end it's a guess...
Based on the key of Manual of Central European Muscidae (Gregor, Rozkošný, Barták, Vaňhara)

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