Thread subject: :: Wsp ID (Cambs. UK)

Posted by Gman on 29-06-2022 00:30

Hi All

I am struggling with this wasp.

I thought that I would have enough features in the photos but I can't be sure.
The abdominal markings are very similar to Diphyus quadripunctorius but the
lower rear legs become reddish rather than dark.

The other one in the frame is Amblyteles armatorius but again the rear legs are
marked differently from the one in my photo.

Both these wasps seemt o be poorl;y recorded but within the locale.

Could someone kindly ID this for me?

Yours, Gareth

Posted by Gman on 29-06-2022 00:30


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Posted by eklans on 29-06-2022 13:20

Hi Gareth, it's neither Diphyus quadripunctorius nor Amblyteles armatorius. I think all imortant feature are visible and I'll try to find the right male but it will take a while.

Posted by Gman on 29-06-2022 16:44

Hi Eric

I have noticed (a bit late in the day) that there are two different indiviuals. The rear legs are different.
Now I really am confused..................

There were a large number of these wasps moving through medium grass, on the edge of a woodland ride.
They seldom landed, flew poorly, bumping into the stems as though they were blind.

Yours, Gareth

Posted by eklans on 05-07-2022 16:55

Hi Gareth, your first image shows a male Amblyteles armatorius indeed - the arrows point to the 2 thorns near the scutellum.

Posted by Gman on 06-07-2022 14:46

Thanks Eric :)