Thread subject: :: Chrysotoxum cautum? --> Chrysotoxum cf. verralli

Posted by HTK on 11-07-2022 14:24

Hallo Matej,
this is to let you know that Ximo Mengual, who is a syrphid expert, in the meantime had a closer look at the pictures and confirms your view. He definitely excludes Chrysotoxum cautum. His comments:
- C. cautum has the scutellum yellow, with a transparent marking in the center; your specimen has a clear black marking on scutellum.
- C. cautum has the basoflagellomere (postpedicel) almost equal in length as scape and pedicel together; your specimen has the postpedicel shorter than pedicel+scape.
Ximo also thinks that the photographed specimen looks very much like Chrysotoxum verralli.
Best wishes,
Hans Theo

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