Thread subject: :: Unknown Philippine species

Posted by Leif G on 27-06-2022 21:28

From Bukidnon, Mindanao, Philippines, May 6.
Is it possible to say anything on Family/Genus/Species for this one?
Medium size, bigger than an "ordinary" house fly.


Posted by John Carr on 27-06-2022 22:29

Pyrgotidae tend to be nocturnal (attracted to light) and have marked wings. Maybe you have one of those.

Posted by Leif G on 28-06-2022 14:21

Thank you very much for reply. Looks right to me. I saw this fly a few times at night, attracted to led light for moths.

Posted by Nosferatumyia on 29-06-2022 16:08

Campylocera cf. mindanensis Hennig.
Males are not IDable to species.
Furthermore, it looks like all the nominal species of Campylocera in the Oriental Region are C. chelionotha (Rondani, 1875), but this statement I have never published.

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Posted by Leif G on 29-06-2022 19:25

Thank you. Interesting.