Thread subject: :: Tachinidae ID

Posted by dsuarez on 23-06-2022 10:41

Hi all,
I recently took a photo of this tachinid and I am not sure what it is. I initially thought that is was Chetogena acuminata, but I have may doubts. Maybe it can be a member of Elodia?

The picture was taken in Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain). Here is the the iNaturalist link to the observation:
Thanks in advance,

Posted by Zeegers on 26-06-2022 09:23


there are several hinderds of species of Tachinidae. I hooe you understand we need larger pics to be able to make some statements. Maybe it is possible to crop these results, that is up to you


Posted by dsuarez on 27-06-2022 09:48

Dear Theo,
thank you for your response. Here are the pics a bit enlargaed. Hope that now details are a bit clearer, but I am aware of the limitations of identifying tachinids species just by photos.