Thread subject: :: Culicidae - ♀ Culex pipiens/torrentium

Posted by eklans on 16-06-2022 15:23

Hi, I've found this female with a conspicous pattern on thorax, dark legs, length approx. 10 mm in October 2020 in my cellar.
I do now think of Culiseta glaphyroptera - can this be confirmed, respectively identified?
Thanks for your comments!

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Posted by Tony Irwin on 16-06-2022 16:57

Cs. glaphyroptera has a more marked pattern on the thorax. This looks like Culex pipiens to me (particularly with those bright green eyes)

Posted by eklans on 16-06-2022 18:02

Thank you very much Tony! I've saved it as Culex first but after staring at it for more than one year the pattern increased...

Posted by brundlefly on 04-08-2022 13:52

The females of Culex pipiens and Culex torrentium can not be separated from this angle, and sometimes not from any angle.

Posted by eklans on 04-08-2022 15:27

Thank you very much, Anders. Another lateral view is not sharp enough, too, to see if prealar- and postspiracular-scales are present or not.

Posted by brundlefly on 08-08-2022 09:41

I agree, I would not identify this to species. Cx. pipiens/torrentium.

Posted by eklans on 08-08-2022 09:50

Thank you Anders - I forgot to edit the title!