Thread subject: :: Tachinidae - Elodia morio

Posted by eklans on 10-06-2022 10:22

Hi Marion, I know the problems of photographing black flies - your photo is nearly perfect!
With the T&H key + translation by Rayner & Raper I think we see this:
ocellar bristles ≈ oi [not sure]
2nd arista segment > diameter
scutellum with apical bristles [but thin enough?]
2+3 dc
r-m almost vertical on m
r-m to m-cu ≈ m-cu to bow
mid tibia: 1 ad
abdomen shiny black, without bands of dusting
tergites 3 & 4 with discals
+ hatched from a small Lepidoptera pupa

But I think it's wise to wait for the expert.

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