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Posted by Nikita Vikhrev on 09-12-2005 22:04

I'm making my database for Diptera families.
It is much more complicated task than I thought.
Could you help me with one of mysteries I found?
In Netherlands checklist Platystomatidae have "C only with humeral break". One the other hand according Shtakelberg only Acartophthalmidae have C only with humeral break. To Platystomatidae lead teza "C without break". Which source is right?
P.S. Another one related question, in case of Caliptrata, is there C break or not?

Posted by Jan Willem on 10-12-2005 13:03

Hi Nikita,

The Platystomatidae do have a costal break (at humeral position), so I am afraid Shtakelberg is wrong in this case.
Just a quick glance at some pictures of wings of Calyptratae showed me that costal breaks are actually present. I suppose there are other members who can give you a more detailed answer on your Calyptratae question.

Jan Willem

Posted by Nikita Vikhrev on 10-12-2005 21:29

Thank you Jan.

Posted by Nikita Vikhrev on 11-12-2005 17:10

Hi Jan.
Today I was lucky to find one out of 3 part of Diptera volume of Insecta of Russian Far East. There is Platystomatidae in my part. There is C break in Platystomatidae.
Thank once more. Nikita