Thread subject: :: Pandelleia sexpunctata (Tachinidae) female

Posted by sd on 15-05-2022 17:50

Pandelleia sexpunctata (Tachinidae) female

France, Haute-Pyrenees, Barege
4th August 2016. Altitude 1 725m
Using Mesnil's 1975 key, very wide frons and strong spots on T2, this is P. sexpunctata rather than the other Western European species P. otiorrynchi

The specimen was collected a few years ago but quickly became greasy. Some work with solvent has mostly restored it for these current photos.

As sometimes happens, a lucky first sweep on steep grazed hillside with low juniper yielded this lovely Pandelleia. As also sometimes happens, another hour's sweeping trying for another provided for nothing other than a very tired arm! There were plentiful large black weevils feeding on thistles which may well have been the target host.