Thread subject: :: long fly, big complex eyes, short antennae (CH) -> Stratiomyidae, Beris chalybata

Posted by AdrianBothe on 26-04-2022 09:47

Dear all,
on 23.04.2022 I found this fly in a forest on the underside of a grass leaf. Do you know which species this is? Thank you in advance!
Best, Adrian

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Posted by eklans on 26-04-2022 10:30

Hi Adrian, it's a male of the Stratiomyidae - could be Beris sp. (chalybata?), but for me not enough details to be sure.

Posted by Zeegers on 26-04-2022 11:36

Yeap, that is the male B. chalybata.


Posted by AdrianBothe on 26-04-2022 20:38

Thank you very much Eric and Theo!