Thread subject: :: Psychodidae: Clogmia or Lepiseodina latipennis

Posted by Carnifex on 12-04-2022 07:50

There is no authority as a source for Diptera taxonomy.
As a rough orientation, Systema Dipterorum has been suggested to use, but of course with a lot of care.
I checked the database, and was surprised to find Lepiseodina listed as a junior synonym for Clogmia. A source was also given: Kvifte 2018 - in that paper, however, Lepiseodina and Clogmia are both listed as valid genera...

Searching for 'latipennis' within Psychodidae returns only
Psychoda latipennis Tonnoir, 1939
Telmatoscopus latipennis SarĂ , 1953

The latter one is the accepted taxon in GBIF and = Lepiseodina latipennis