Thread subject: :: Psychodidae: Clogmia or Lepiseodina latipennis

Posted by Liliane D on 11-04-2022 16:00

Many thanks,
Indeed, the European species named Clogmia latipennis would be similar to Lepiseodina conspicua.
And another species Lepiseodina, close to Clogmia latipennis would be present in Italy!
Difficult to find out ...

To answer the geographical question. I saw it in my garden in the south of France (Sardan in the Gard), a garrigue type, very dry in summer. In this period, April, there is humidity and if the fly lays eggs in the wet holes of trees, it has infinite possibilities in my garden, mostly wooded. I found it on Fennel, in a half-shade, half-sun area, under a canopy of oaks, arbutus and juniper (in french,chĂȘnes, arbousiers and genĂ©vriers). There are several cotoneasters in this space and a few Fennel plants.