Thread subject: :: Psychodidae: Clogmia or Lepiseodina latipennis

Posted by weia on 11-04-2022 15:01

Lepiseodina latipennis, according to me. Clogmia mostly isn't used any more for this species, Clogmia in Europe only includes albipunctata. Other Clogmia's now are in Lepiseodina.
Latipennis is my identification for this taxon, but the original description isn't very good and the type specimen is in Naples and that museum does not react on questions.
Nevertheless it is clearly another taxon than Lepiseodina rothschildi. There are pictures from Italy, Spain, France (south and north), England (south) and Netherlands. So give it the name latipennis. When that turns out to be wrong it's a new species for science.