Thread subject: :: Hydrotaea => Pollenia vagabunda, male

Posted by Gansucha on 06-04-2022 04:50

Ukraine, Rivne region, on March 23.
There is a weak version that it is Hydrotaea, but I'm not sure. It is probably impossible to determine the species ...

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Posted by eklans on 06-04-2022 10:29

Hi Victor, it's another male Pollenia who's lost his hair (like me...). It has a dark basicosta and distance between the eyes is approx. like the width of the flagellum. It's probalbly a Pollenia cf. labialis.

Posted by Gansucha on 06-04-2022 16:26

Thank you very much, Eric !

Posted by Carnifex on 17-02-2024 20:45

With the central dark pre-sutural stripe, this is P. vagabunda