Thread subject: :: Puparium of Liriomyza? (from 17th century latrine Denmark)

Posted by dxj616 on 01-02-2022 01:44

Yes, I found figures of the spiracles in the reference below (Spencer named it in 1973) and compared the specimen with the spiracles of all the Liriomyza species I could find in the litterature. Several could also be excluded as they are neotropical and not found here etc. Liriomyza nietzkei was the closest match by far although I haven't been able to find figures of the spiracles from all the species in the genus. The specimen was found in a latrine so it also seems logical that it probably has something to do with food - Liriomyza nietzkei is a pest of onions and leek so it seems likely on that account as well.

Hering EM, 1957. Die Larven der Agromyziden (Diptera). 3. - Tijdschrift voor Entomologie 100: 73-94