Thread subject: :: Gymnosoma sp (possibly clavatum), Tachinidae, Oct 3, 2021, near Budapest, Hungary

Posted by Xespok on 12-01-2022 19:02

Interestingly, if I download the pic from my camera and make it small it will not attache. If I download from google photos, it will attach. (no spaces in the file names, smaller than 100 kB, 600 px max, both cases)

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Posted by Xespok on 12-01-2022 19:06

A small Gymnosoma, maybe a female G. nitens?

Posted by Zeegers on 12-01-2022 19:58

No, for starters, it is a male, check the dusting on thorax.

And definitely not nitens, likely a small male clavatum.


Posted by Xespok on 13-01-2022 07:51

Thanks! This one looked very odd compared to the normal Gymnosoma I see. I thought males would always have a predominantly orange abodmen, but apparently not always.