Thread subject: :: Agromyzidae- Agromyza spenceri

Posted by Walther Gritsch on 22-12-2021 13:17

Greetings everyone,

Another cool find from my malaise trap on the small island Amager near Copenhagen. At least I have a hard time seeing this could be anything but Agromyza spenceri. All the same I would like a second opinion as Denmark seems to be outside the range of this species.
The site is at or just below sea level on reclaimed land that has been left pretty much undisturbed for more than sixty years. It's dominated by birch and willow and a plethora of grasses and reed. Apart from the Agromyza sp. in question a number of A. prespana, A. bromi and A. rondensis were taken. And an abundance of Cerodontha spp. All during the second week of June 2021.

Comments will be much appreciated

All the best,

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Posted by Barry on 23-12-2021 09:19

I agree with spenceri. Known from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Malta, Spain and Switzerland (Černý & Bächli 2018).

Posted by Walther Gritsch on 23-12-2021 12:40

Great! Nice to have someone agreeing. New species for the Danish fauna pop up every time I put up the trap. Kind of tiring, really ;) In all 4 spenceri were taken, as well as 7 prespana, which seems to be new to my fauna too.

Posted by Barry on 23-12-2021 13:47

If you have any excess material, I’m always grateful for additional reference specimens! Will you be writing up your record?

Posted by Walther Gritsch on 23-12-2021 23:41

I have spares and will gladly share them with you. As for writing up the record I guess it will happen some time in the future, but for now it'll have to wait. I have loads of material that needs processing.
But post me a PM with what you'd like to have and an address and the flies will be in your mailbox. Next year!