Thread subject: :: tiny shiny muscid -> Coenosia atra

Posted by Carnifex on 24-09-2021 00:11

This Drosophila-sized muscid (or Fanniid?) was caught on Ivy in Vienna, late September.

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Posted by Renko on 24-09-2021 10:34

Looks like Coenosia atra

Posted by Nikita Vikhrev on 24-09-2021 16:13

First image C atra
Second pair of images illustrate the follows: make photoof dry specimen or (worse)specimen in alcohol, but do not make photo of half-dried specimen!

Posted by Carnifex on 24-09-2021 20:30

Happy with my smartphone photo being sufficient for the ID.

The following two pictures where taken with a smartphone through a binocular microscope, with some disturbing light probably shining from the side (it was barely possible to distinguish the bristles on the shiny black body even when looking through the bino with bare eyes). However, the specimen was freeze killed and not in contact with EtOH, so the photos only give an impression of being 'half dried'