Thread subject: :: Muscidae: Coenosia sp.

Posted by ESant on 22-09-2021 22:59


I photographed this fly near Campo Tures (BZ), Italy, 1000m a.s.l. on July 15th 2021. I think it is a Coenosia, but is it possible to identify its species from these photos?

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Posted by ESant on 22-09-2021 22:59

Photo 2:

Posted by ESant on 24-09-2021 21:00

Photo 3:

Posted by Nikita Vikhrev on 24-09-2021 21:59

In lowland I'd say C. mollicula. In Italian 1000 m I'm not sure.

Posted by ESant on 25-09-2021 13:18

Thank you! There were many specimens on low vegetation at the edge of a coniferous forest. If not C. mollicula, what are the other possible species?