Thread subject: :: Mesembrina mystacea?

Posted by Nikolay_D on 21-09-2021 20:15

The photo was taken on August 23, 2008 in Russia (Moscow region).

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Posted by Jan Maca on 21-09-2021 20:41

I am not specialist. But this should be Arctophila sp., fits to A. bombiformis. I do not know if there is another similar species in Russia.

Posted by Nikolay_D on 21-09-2021 21:04

It just occurred to me, that this may be Mesembrina sp. It was photographed on the cow dung. Not a typical place for a hoverfly.

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Posted by helge on 22-09-2021 20:33

Mesembrina mystacea, maybe.


Posted by Nikolay_D on 24-09-2021 12:32

Thank you for the ID.