Thread subject: :: Tabanus sudeticus with black antennae?

Posted by Zeegers on 30-09-2021 14:39

Ah, my mistake.
In any case, due to the English translation of the “field guide” I looked at it again, this time added by my collection.
The upper facets of the Stuttgart specimen, though less enlarged than in sudeticus, do qualify as enlarged beyond reasonable doubt.
Hence, both bovinus and spodopterus are off the table (compare the Stuttgart specimen with the Berlin bovinus !)

So, the only remaining option is eggeri which is normally much more orange, but I have one similar male (from France) in my collection..
Given its rarity in Germany, I am reluctant to give a final call without having seen the stermites, but it is not sudeticus, not bovinus and not spodopterus …..
If you ever seen one again, please check the belly !