Thread subject: :: Tabanus sudeticus with black antennae?

Posted by Sundew on 09-09-2021 14:50

On 18th July I saw two Tabanus males taking a sun bath on a wood path, the distance between them was about 700 m. One looked typical sudeticus with reddish antennae. The other was very similar, but on the screen showed completely black antennae. (Difficult to say if also the hook on the 3rd segment was of different shape.) In the key https://www.eis-n...;TabId=563 the colour of the antennae is emphazised as decisive in many cases, so I wonder if I can label the one with the black antennae "sudeticus" nevertheless?
Thanks for information, Sundew
(Locality was southwestern Germany west of Stuttgart.)

This is the typical T. sudeticus specimen.