Thread subject: :: Sarcophaga africa ?

Posted by Tony Irwin on 07-12-2007 20:58

I use the technique that Thomas Pape describes, but I side-pin my Sarcophaga with big minuten (if you know what I mean:)). The technque involves placing one minuten against the top of the abdomen, just in front of the genital segments. A second pin is then used to pull out the claspers. This usually results in the aedeagus being exposed as well, but occasionally it gets "jammed", and needs to be released gently with another pin. Often it is easier to exsert the claspers with a mounted minuten or fine needle, rather than holding one in forceps. The minuten are not pushed through the genitalia - just beside them to hold them in place until the fly is dry. Take great care when extracting the pins - it's really sad if the penis breaks off! :o
If you have collected a specimen without exserting the genitalia, it is sometimes possible to relax them with Barber's Fluid, so they can be prised open later, but it is much easier to exsert genitalia before the fly has dried.