Thread subject: :: Fly bubble blowing

Posted by totipotent on 21-03-2006 04:18

LordV wrote:
Ok just to shoot myself in the foot, spotted a Scatophaga stercoria bubble blowing this AM at an angle of about 120' from where the sun would have been if it was shining.
Maybe it's the IR radiation that's important :).

Dima DD wrote:
I can not say which hypothesis is correct. However, I would like to put some words about this branch. In fact, body of the fly is darker and absorbs much more radiation than shining droplet. Moreover, evaporation of water from the surface must decrease droplet temperature, not warm it. More intensive evaporation - less the droplet temperature. Therefore, according to this branch of hypotheses ("thermoregulative"...), fly can use bubbling for cooling of its overheated body (i.e. it is some kind of "perspiration" ).

If we are considering the fly's position to the sun (or wind) then we must consider that the angle may be a way that the fly can attenuate the evaporative cooling or bubble warming (whichever floats your boat).

Has anyone considered each fly's gender? LordV's image above only has the female (?) bubbling (=smoking)...

This is my first post...